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Following the announcement by the PM on Monday 4th January, the national lockdown is in place from Wednesday 6th January and as a result club rides continue to be cancelled until further notice.

The Government rules state: cycling is still permitted; this should be restricted to locally; with people only in your household or support bubble; and 1 sole cycle buddy is also allowed.

We will continue to review Government advice and from cycling governing bodies and other Organisations.


About Kings Hill Wheelers

Kings Hill Wheelers CC was formed in 2017 with the purpose of providing social rides and cycling activities, for cyclists of all abilities. We currently have approximately 50 members of a range of ages, all of whom are based in Kings Hill (near West Malling) and surrounding areas.

 We pride ourselves on our friendliness and sociability, and support a number of local charities.

Details of regular weekly rides, Charity rides, Sportives and Recreational rides can be found in the various sections below.


KHW Committee Members


Mat McLoughlin



Andrew Pert

Club Secretary


Lisa Waspe

Club Treasurer


Neil Sherlaw

Membership Secretary


Margaret Colman

Media Manager


Mark Watson

Merchandise Manager

Jon Craig.jpg

Jon Craig

Club Rides Manager

Andrew Scott.jpg

Andrew Scott

Events Manager



Valued Partnerships

The Club is delighted to be associated with the seven sponsors listed below, who in total have donated £1,800, in addition to which via Quiz nights and organised events  KHWCC have donated £850. The £2,650 grand total of these amounts will in turn be donated to local worthy charitable organisations, who are shown on the website Charities page.
Each of the sponsors logos is profiled on the club's kit.









The Club is delighted to be associated with the three charities listed below, to all of whom the club has donated amounts totalling £2,100 over the last year.  The Club is also pleased to confirm that we have assisted two of these charities with signage for their Sportive events.

 £600 total donation 2020

Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance

£900 total donation 2020

Heart of Kent Hospice

£600 total donation 2020

Action Medical Research

£200 total donation 2020

The Community Cupboard

£300 total donation 2020

Tony Hudgell


Useful Links

West Malling Cycles

British Cycling Maintenance Website

Puncture repair

Cleaning the chain (degrease & Lube)

Indexing gears


Weekly Club Ride Schedule

The weekly Club Ride schedule is shown below.

Unless otherwise stated all rides start from the cul-de-sac outside David Lloyd car park, Kings Hill.

It should be noted that this is a framework for the club runs but they are flexible depending on who is riding.  Where necessary smaller sub-groups are formed on the day which helps support both faster and slower riders, and ensures that no rider is left behind.

Ride information for any of the day's rides is communicated via our KHWCC WhatsApp Ride group. This will include the ride leader and the distance/route to be taken. Usually, the routes are chosen from the website Route Library.  Once you become a member you will automatically be added to our WhatsApp Ride  and Chat Groups.

Kings Hill Wheelers have a private club on Strava and all club members who use Strava are encouraged to join by clicking HERE.

Guest riders are permitted 3 rides before deciding whether to become a member, and are welcomed on any of the rides below. Please use the Contact Form at the end  of the website to advise that you will be joining so the ride leader is aware.


We would also recommend that you download a copy of our RIDE ETIQUETTE from the link at the foot of this section as you will be expected to adhere to these rules during your rides.


Wednesday Rides

9.15 am start

35-45 miles, medium pace (14-16 mph)

These rides typically start from outside the Kings Hill Control Tower Costa, rather than David Lloyd. They can sometimes comprise of a mid-ride coffee stop, or a coffee stop at the end of the ride. On occasion these rides are extended, and could comprise of an all-day 100-mile ride to the Coast, or a visit to a local Vineyard!

See the weekly WhatsApp communications for details.

Saturday Rides

From March 2021 the club aims to offer 2 Saturday rides as follows -

Short Distance

7.30am start(8am in the winter, darker months)

30-35 miles, medium to fast pace(15-18mph)

Medium Distance

08.00 start

45 - 60 miles, medium to fast pace(15-17mph)

The Saturday rides are usually non-stop rides, with an optional coffee stop at the end of the ride in either Kings Hill or occasionally West Malling.

Occasionally there are ad hoc fast pace(18+ mph) rides organised for a Saturday, depending on the rider's present.

See the weekly WhatsApp communications for details.

Sunday Rides

0900 start

35-45 miles, slow to medium pace (13-15mph)

The Sunday rides can sometimes comprise of a mid-ride coffee stop, or a coffee stop at the end of the ride.

Occasionally there is a faster group on a Sunday, depending on the rider's present.

See the weekly WhatsApp communications for details.

Midweek Evening Rides

Following the success and positive feedback of the Thursday evening rides, the club would like to include the addition of a Tuesday evening to the Spring/Summer schedule.


These rides will take place during the Spring/Summer months on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, typically starting at 6pm, although this will be earlier when the evenings are shorter.

They are usually 25-30 miles distance and, by splitting into sub groups, will cover a variety of pace from 13 - 18+ mph depending on which riders are present. These rides are a great way for new members to introduce themselves into the club.

Start times will be published weekly on WhatsApp.

Longer Rides

During the Spring/Summer months there will be a longer ride once a month, with a mid-ride café stop(s). These will typically be the 1st weekend of the month, either on a Saturday or Sunday and in lieu of the Medium distance Saturday ride. The distance will vary between 60-100 miles and could consist of a flat ride down to the coast one month, followed by a hilly challenge to the Ashdown Forest the next. Sub groups will be formed in order to manage different pace abilities.

All details of these rides will be shared via the WhatsApp group.


The club route library can be found on Ride with GPS (RWGPS) using the links below depending on the desired distance. To add any new routes to the library please contact the Club Rides Manager.

 It should be possible to view and download these routes onto a GPS device using the free 'Starter' version of RWGPS. 


"Collections" Link

View of Route Collections with distances

Short Routes

Less than 50km - Routes Prefix 100

Medium Routes

50km to 70km - Routes Prefix 200

Long Routes

More than 70km - Routes Prefix 300

Other Routes

Sportives & Events - Routes Prefix 400


Charity Sportives/Arranged rides

Detail of recommended Sportives will be published on this website
It is up to the individual to Register for those published rides and
links to the relevant sportive websites will be provided where available


Castle100 (Action Medical Research)

Sun 9th May 2021

Davina Ride_edited_edited.jpg

~~~~~~~ Club Events Calendar ~~~~~~~


Club Events Calendar 2021

Events Calendar  for 2021 TBC



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News & Letters

AAKSS Xmas Appeal

AMR Ride 100 100K Participants

HOKH Thank you letter

AAKSS - CQC Comm Report


AAKSS Letter & Certificate

AAKSS Letter from CEO David Welch

AAKSS Donation thank you letter

HOKH Donation thank you letter



Membership of the club is open to anyone, aged 18 or above, who is interested in cycling.  Members must carry Third Party insurance which we recommend can be obtained by taking up membership of the British Cycling Club. Members must also commit to wearing a helmet on all rides.

£10 for Annual Country Membership

This is for occasional riders no longer residing in the County but wishing to remain part of the Club

£20 for Annual Full Membership

Purchase of the sponsored club jersey is recommended but not mandatory

To apply for KHWCC membership download an Application Form from the link below


Photo Gallery

Steven Pope.jpg
Charity Photoshoot 03/07/2019
Charity Photoshoot 03/07/2019
Folkestone Ride 03/07/2019
Alpe d'Huez June 2019
Alpe d'Huez June 2019
Alpe d'Huez June 2019
Alpe d'Huez June 2019
Alpe d'Huez June 2019
Alpe d'Huez June 2019
Alpe d'Huez June 2019
Alpe d'Huez June 2019
Alpe d'Huez June 2019
Davina Ride 2019
AMR Ride 100 2019 signage
Kent Killer 2019: Robin & Mark
Erica & Margaret HOKH 2019, cheque handover
Dora & Margaret  AAKSS 2019 cheque handover
Arden HOKH donation 2018
Arden HOKH donation 2018
AAKSS Cheque Handover 2019


Size chart available HERE


PRO GILETS with pockets - £47 each




PRO MITTS - £21 each


PRO BIB TIGHTS - £57 each

BUFFS - £15 each

PRO SUMMER CAP - £15 each

AERO SOCKS - £27 each



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